The Wellesley Book Award Program honors young women in their junior year of high school who have been top scholars as well as talented performers in extracurricular areas. The Book Award Program recognizes young women who have excelled while allowing them to become better acquainted with Wellesley.
The book awarded each year is the Wellesley edition of The Norton Book of Women’s Lives, a collection of 20th century literature. Each book is personally inscribed with the honoree’s name and school.
Up to (12) local high schools have participated in the program during a school year, with each school selecting their honoree based on criteria set by Wellesley:
  • Candidates should be chosen for their intelligence, determination, motivation, and achievement.
  • They should be visible members of their schools and communities. 
  • Most importantly, they should be the academic leaders in their secondary schools. 
High schools that have participated in the past include:
  • Alamo Heights High School
  • Young Women's Leadership Academy
  • TMI
  • Health Careers
  • Communication Arts
  • Reagan
  • Churchill
  • Saint Mary’s Hall
  • Providence High School
  • Earl Warren and
  • Keystone.
  • International School of the Americas at Lee High School
Through the Book Award program, parents and students become familiar with Wellesley and consider applying to the college in their senior year. In the meantime, our aim is to distinguish these young women who have been so outstanding in their academic and personal lives.
You can participate in this program very easily by suggesting a school to be added to the list, dropping off a book at a school, making a presentation at one of the schools, or underwriting the cost of a book ($28). Contact Claire Holshouser at if you would like to participate.